Santorini (2013)

Rank: --
2 Players
20 Min
Age: 12+
Complexity: 3.33/5

Santorini is a unique 2-player tile-placement game featuring a nearly vertical playing surface. Your goal is to be the first to place all of your hotels so that their views are captivating. Players take turns placing interlocking hexagonal tiles on the inclined board, stacking upwards from the shoreline at the bottom. Each tile shows an isometric view of a portion of the village.

A hotel's view is defined as the collection of tiles below it. Each hotel caps a triangular shaped view. Blue domes, a signature architectural feature of the Santorini region, enhance the view (+1). Your opponent's hotels detract from the view (-1). You don't want your guests looking out at your competition, right?

Players start with 6 hotels. Each hotel has a number of windows.
One 1-window
Two 2-window
Two 3-window
One 4-window

In order to place a hotel, its view must contain at least as many blue dome tiles as the hotel has windows. Your opponent's hotels subtract from this number.

The first player to place all 6 of her hotels is the winner.

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