Splendor (2014)

Become wealthy Renaissance merchants purchasing and polishing precious gems in search of fame and fortune.

Rank: 199
2-4 Players
30 Min
Age: 10+
Complexity: 1.78/5


Splendor is a board game on the theme of gem trading and development. Players will transform into Renaissance merchants trying to purchase rough gems and polish them into gems to gain the most fame. If your gem shop is attractive enough, it will even be visited by nobles – this will of course take your reputation to new heights.

Published in 2014 by Space Cowboys, Splendor immediately attracted the attention of board game players around the world because of its simple rules but extremely deep tactics. That also explains the appearance of Splendor in the list of the last 3 names nominated for the best game of the year Spiel Des Jahres category along with Camel Up and Concept!

Splendor board game cover | Source: Board Game Geek
Splendor board game cover | Source: Board Game Geek

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