Checkmate (2016)

A puzzly game about keeping things in check, mate.

Rank: --
2 Players
15-30 Min
Age: 8+
Complexity: 0.00/5

Publisher: Button Shy

A puzzly game about keeping things in check, mate.

A small game about picking your side each turn to make sure you win, that's also all about setting up for future turns.

Cards represents Chess pieces, and have black and white on each side. They are setup in a 3x3 grid with Kings in opposing corners.

The goal is to end each turn by making a move that puts the opposing King in check. If you cannot do this, you lose the game.

Players will alternate turns, doing the following in order:
  • Choose a card and swap it with another card, according to standard Chess rules.
  • Flip over either of those cards.
  • Move your token on top of the card that is putting the opposing King in check. You cannot use a card covered with a token.

For check, you are not playing as Black or White. On the end of your turn, you are playing the most prominent color on your side of the grid, and you must have the opposing color King in check.

The game ends when a player cannot claim check. They lose.

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