Le Havre (2008)

Try to become the most wealthy businessman by establishing a supply chain, collecting resources, building industries, and shipping.

Rank: 62
1-5 Players
30-150 Min
Age: 12+
Complexity: 3.73/5

About the Game

Le Havre is a bustling harbor city, and a growing one, at that. A constant stream of food, materials and livestock arrive into the jetties, ripe for the taking. Manufacturing businesses lie in wait for those who want to expand the city’s rate of productivity – as well as lining their own pockets.

In this worker placement game by Uwe Rosenberg, you’re going to try and grow your own little empire of warehouses, factories and local businesses within the city. You’ll also be aiming to ship goods out of the harbor for a glorious profit. It’s all about the French Francs, here. The player with the most wealth, as well as the most valuable business assets after a predetermined number of rounds, will win the game.

Le Havre board game
Le Havre board game | Source: Look Out Store

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